My name is Sammy

Here are a couple of words about me

Hi! friends and family call me Sammy but my full name is: Sammy Davis Jr. Magic Sunset Smartness. Phew, hopefully I managed to rememeber everything.

I’m a Bearded Collie known affectionately as the Beardie or like in a movie the Shaggy Dog. I’m a very optimistic and charming dog, who bounces through life with a forever wagging tail and joy in heart. Probably I may be a hippie.

These 3 words describe me best:


Love to be loved and love to love.


It’s not a piece of cake.


 To be a rock and not to roll.

Some Matrimonial Information

 Name: Magic Sunset Smartness (FCI)

 Breed: Bearded Collie FCI 271

 Color/sex: Brown/male

 Date of birth: 25 October 2014

 Parents: Caffe Late Old Tapis  (father), Howkeye Belle Smartness (FCI) (mother)

 Titles: Polish Junior Champion

My Social Life

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